HEAL YOUR HEART with Melissa Rebronja CHt
Your invitation to H.E.A.L. (Hope, Embody, Align, Love)
A full-circle trauma-sensitive healing journey back to your Authentic Self. 

I’m no stranger to trauma. I’ve travelled a long way to be who I am today. I was raised in a harsh family environment, born in a country eventually destroyed by war. I’ve gone through many heartbreaks in which I’ve learned valuable lessons that I get to share in my work. I learned that the only way out is through; feeling and processing the past, surrendering and trusting the future, living in the present, here, now, – all while being gentle with myself. Scroll down to read more about my qualifications and how I work.

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Welcome to an Integrative Healing Journey <3

Which best describes you?

Looking for love, meaning, and purpose? 

Wanting to make a major shift in your life, such as changing jobs or ending a relationship?

Healing from a recent heartbreak, relational or financial trauma? 

Wanting to make sense of obsession, betrayal, clear and/or cut energy cords in present or past relationships?

Looking to be held gently in transforming your pain and relational challenges?

Ready to heal attachment wounds and build a more compassionate, empathic relationship with self and others? 






What I’d like you to know…

I am a trauma sensitive, certified healing professional in private practice since 2015. I  work with integrative somatic therapies, hypnotherapy & human design. I am a practitioner & educator of IRF (Inner Relationship Focusing), a gentle technique of developing relationships with our inner states (parts) and building a secure attachment to self. I love guiding people through energy/somatic practices that help develop and cultivate healthy boundaries & relationships. These practices support  greater awareness and compassion for ourselves, others, and our world. I also teach Trauma Sensitivity awareness to other healing practitioners, including Breathworkers.  

 My background & qualifications: 

I have over 20 years experience holding safe space for people to heal relational wounds, process their past, and empower themselves to live authentically, here, now. I have a B.A.A. with Psychology electives from Toronto Metropolitan University.
My healing certifications include: Integrative Somatic Trauma TherapySomatic Attachment Therapy, Integrative Somatic Parts Work, Hypnotherapy (CHt), Ecopsychology, Life Skills Coaching/Counseling, and more.
I love learning, growing, expanding my skill set, and am currently completing my CCTP, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional certification, as well as a 2-year IRF Teacher’s Training program.

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Work With Me Online

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS – When I work with my clients, I show up with my full skillset: Somatic Therapies, Attachment Therapy, Parts Work, Hypnotherapy, Life skills Coaching & Counseling.  In our initial session, we’ll decide which modalities  would best serve you at the present time.  Your healing journey is unique to you. Depending on your history, and where the journey takes us, we may dive deeper into certain healing practices more than others. I am available as a short-term and long-term guide to your healing journey.

GROUP CLASSES/SESSIONS –  Our nervous systems crave safety and connection. These groups are educational and healing. We meet over zoom, for up to 90min, to build intimacy through psycho-education & authentic presence. Depending on the size of the group, type of group, if time permits, participants get a chance to do an individual check-in, be held in compassion & receive gentle reflections from myself and others. Message me directly for more info.

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“Melissa is by far the most effective therapist I’ve ever had. I accomplished more personal growth and healing after one year of working with her, than I had in any other types of traditional CBT or 12 step recovery program. She’s been a miracle worker and a blessing in helping me to heal past wounds and overcome my C-PTSD“ Carrie Gates

“As an entrepreneur, the practice of relaxation hypnosis with Melissa has become an invaluable activity. It helps me maintain an intimate relationship with uncertainty, which in turn helps me create a more intimate relationship with myself, in connecting with and listening to my guiding intuition. Melissa’s therapy allows me to make critical decisions that are aligned with my values.” Joseph Sanginario

“Working with Melissa has been such an integral part of my journey to create the life I’ve envisioned for myself. She intuitively understands where I am on my path and how to support me in manifesting my fullest potential. Her hypnosis is a truly beautiful and healing experience. I am forever grateful to have crossed paths with Melissa.” Sarah Moss

Let’s connect

In the call we will:

  • Get a sense of one another’s energy 
  • Find our what’s going on for you at present time
  • Explore how I could be of help

I look forward to hearing from you! <3

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More about Melissa

Melissa was born in Belgrade, former Yugoslavia, where she lived from age 6 to 16, just before the civil war broke out. She spent her early life and formative years in Toronto, Canada, and immigrated to the US in 2011. She’s now based in Los Angeles, CA. 

She is a trauma sensitive practitioner of Breath-work, Energy-work, IRF (Inner Relationship Focusing), and teaches trauma informed awareness to groups and individuals.

Melissa is a 6/2 Manifestor and offers Human Design readings, and deeper journeys. She is in a happy marriage, conscious relationships with herself, husband, family & friends. She is a furry mama to two whippets: Bentley and Lilly.

Melissa is an online events host at Heal Your Heart Love YouTube Channel having deeper conversations with leaders & specialists in the fields of RelationshipsHealing, Human DesignSpirituality, Sacred Feminine and more. A recording artist & vocalist she has releases under her full name Melissa Rebronja and artist names EMAR & Missy Heart.

My hope is that our work together awakens in you your own ability to be gentle with yourself and become your own best friend. I see my clients as equals, and often learn from them.

If this resonates, send Melissa a note. She’d love to hear from you: connect here.